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Please if you want features and reviews of the INDIGO GRAPHICS BOARD GR2 via the link below

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cs348b rendering competition - Computer Graphics at Stanford ... In 1994, the lab was upgraded to 15 Silicon Graphics Indigos XZs (64 MB, 100 MHz R4000 processor, GR2-XZ graphics board). In 1996, 18 Indigo Extremes (128 MB, 250 MHz ... Technolust: The Indigo Page (Silicon Graphics - SGI) How can I determine what kind of graphics my Indigo has? Like the above, the best way ... Graphics board: GR2-Elan Graphics board: LG1 "LG1" translates to "Entry Graphics". TBNOnline Inventory Summary for SGI indigo graphics board gr2: 10869509: 013-1577-002: camera, model zeye1.3, p/n 013-1577-002: 10871915: 013-1406-002: sgi 013-1406-002 o2 camera, audio & video option SGI - Peripheral Parts Support, Computer Sales, Spares and Repairs monitors, graphics & cpu: indigo indigo2 (impact 10000) ... pca set gr2 1ge vm2 vb1.1 fr 013-0518-004 ef4 board & bracket assy fe SGI Indigo - Nekochan The R3000 processor on the R3K Indigo board is placed directly on the board ... outputs (for further reference see 1.2): Graphics board: LG1 Graphics board: GR2 ... NetBSD/sgimips Support for on-board MACE MAC-110 Ethernet on IP32 (O2) is committed. 2004-07-08: wscons support for Indigo in-tree wscons support with GR2 graphics ... SGI Indigo2 / Silicon Graphics R4400 Architecture ... worthy successor to the Indigo name ... to be, but essentially, X/Z graphics started out as 2 geometry engines (GR-2 ... 4GB Seagate Hawk) Graphics board: GR3-XZ (X/Z Graphics ... Hardware Frequently Asked Questions - Iris Indigo (R4000 Indigo): IP20: audio built in Express (XS ["GR2": 8, no Z, 1 GE7, 1 RE3], XSM ["GR2": 24 ... Graphics board sets take up one logical GIO-64 connection, but can ... Obsolete : SGI Indigo R4000 ... Disk drive: unit 2 on SCSI controller 0 Iris Audio Processor: revision 10 Graphics board: GR2-XS24 with Z-buffer indigo 3 /usr/gfx/gfxinfo Graphics board 0 is "GR2 ... WartWeb - Iris Silicon Graphics IRIS Indigo, model CMNB003 Motherboard Silicon Graphics IP12 CPU MIPS R3000, 33 MHz Main Memory 48 MB Graphics Silicon Graphics GR2-XS24 graphics board ...

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